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Camp Crud Music Jam - a jamming workshop

Jamming 101 - Learning to play music with others. If you have never played in a jam or music festival and want to - this is the workshop for you. If you have played in a jam or music festival, this workshop is also for you.

The weekend will consist of workshops, jamming with other people, meeting new people while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Camp Ocean Pines as well as the wonderful food.

There will be a variety of music played - Bluegrass, Swing, Jazz, Blues, etc.

This is basically an acoustic weekend, light amplification is okay. All instruments are welcome. Vocalists, you always have your instrument with you.

This year the workshops will be:

  • How to be a vocalist - introducing yourself to the jam and knowing your key. Instructor is Dona Deack.

  • Jamming 101 - introducing yourself to the Jam and learning the basic ins and outs of jamming. Instructor is Geith St.John Fraser (Sinjin).

Workshops will be offered twice during the weekend. You will sign up when you get to Camp.


  • $190 - on site lodging, five meals plus workshops and jamming.

  • $140 - off site lodging, five meals plus workshops and jamming

For more information about the event, please contact Doña at with a subject line of CCMJ@COP2020 or visit their Facebook group Camp Crud Crudders and ask to join. For information about Camp Ocean Pines, help with registering or if you would like a different payment method than credit card through our system, please contact Luann at

Please register through our system, please do not send payments to Dona.