Rental Rates

With rising fuel prices and the tight economy, we realize it takes effort to get away with your group. The good thing is that Camp Ocean Pines feels like a distant retreat even though it is only 4 hours from LA and SF, and only 2 hours from Bakersfield or Fresno.  We are a bargain and we can’t wait to serve you.  Below are the general rates per person (based upon the number of nights your stay and the number of meals we serve). If you have unique needs for a different number of nights or meals please contact the Luann, the Adult Programs Director, at

Nights / Meals Per Person - 2019 Prices *

  • 1/3 - $105

  • 2/5 - $183

  • 3/8 - $272

  • 4/11 - $366

  • 5/14 - $460

  • 6/17 - $554

  • 7/20 - $648

Want the Camp All to Yourself?

Exclusive use of the camp requires a minimum of 85 guests, or that you pay for the equivalent  of 85 guests. 

Just Want to Rent the Facility for the Day?

Our “Day Use Meeting Rental” rates are $5 per person per hour with a $250 minimum.  Some examples:

  1. You want to bring your (25) church ladies up to paint for the afternoon (noon to 4 pm). The math says: 25 people x 4 hours x $5 = $500. The ladies have a fun day and the camp earns $500.

  2. You want to have a planning session with your non-profit board of 12 people from 6-9 pm. Here is the math: 12 people x 3 hours x $5 = $180, but the minimum is $200 so your charge is $250 for the meeting space. However, if you add dinner into the calculation, we count that toward your “$250 minimum” day use fee! The dinner is: 12 people x $20 = $240 (see meal prices below), plus $120 (you do not have to pay the $5 for the hour of the meal) meeting space fee = $360. NO tipping is allowed at Camp Ocean Pines! So your board has a great dinner, which helps their bonding process, has a great meeting with a nice view – all at a better rate than they can get in any restaurant! Not a bad deal!

  3. You’re hosting a day-long educational seminar with special speakers from 9 am-3 pm and 47 people show up. Calculate: 47 people x 6 hours x $5 = $1,410. So you pay the camp $1,410.

Want to ADD Meals to Your Event?

There are many great restaurants in Cambria!  (Tell us what you like and we’ll recommend the ones we eat at on our days off!)  Camp Ocean Pines is not a restaurant.  We provide a place for your retreat experience.  But while you’re here, your group needs to eat.  So we do have a kitchen and we serve really good food to our guests as part of their retreat.  We use the following rates to as our meal cost guide.  We can also accommodate most guest’s dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, etc. If you add a meal, you will not have to pay the $5 per person for the hour of the meal.

  • Breakfast – $15.00

  • Lunch – $17.00

  • Dinner – $20.00

Want to Rent the Camp and Cook Your Own Meals?

Sorry, we RARELY do this!  It puts our cooks out of work, and then they come back to a kitchen grumpy because things are out of place!  Would you want someone cooking in your kitchen?  Didn’t think so!  On the RARE occasion when we allow groups to cook their own meals, we require a $1,000 cleaning deposit and charge $100/meal to cover the utilities, water, etc.

Need Expert Help for Your Event?

Our staff lead groups every day!  We can add group process leadership training, team building games, target sports, guided tidepooling, evening campfire programs, native American talks, natural history educational programs, kayak tours, etc, etc!  Our basic rate is $60/instructor/hour.  Depending on the program, our instructors can work with all ages in groups of 5 to 105 people!  Call us for details as some programs may be more or even less!


Rates subject to change