Lead A Workshop

Background and Purpose

Camp Ocean Pines has been around since 1946.  We are a non-profit organization, existing to serve the public.  We serve school kids, run summer camp, rent our facility to various groups and we also host really great ART workshops!  It is exciting for us to see guest participants discover new found creativity and joy in art.  It is our desire to increase the number of art workshops by collaborating with artists.  We always try for a “three-way win” – with:

1) participants experiencing personal artistic growth,

2) local artists getting financial support for being a leader in their field, and

3) camp becomes known as a desirable place to grow.

If you are an artist, this is how we do it:

Everyone Does What They Are Good At!

WE are good at:
•    Cooking great meals – food is a weekend highlight!
•    Providing unique lodging in a beautiful site at an attractive price
•    Providing a location for an extended intensive art workshop
•    Helping to get the word out through fliers, brochures, postcards, etc
•    Doing all the registration, communication, legal, and financial paperwork

YOU are good at:
•    Designing a workshop, developing the curriculum and teaching plan for the weekend
•    Passionately sharing the artistic skills you’ve learned over a lifetime
•    Helping to get the word out to your specific following (mailing list), and working the connections you have with potential students in your specific field
•    Gathering and providing the right materials for the guest participants

Easy Math – Setting the Registration Fee

Critical to success is finding the “value added price point”.  The weekend price is based on the needs of the camp, the following of the artist, the cost of materials and the length of the event.  There are a couple of financial issues we need to consider and discuss together:

1.    What is your minimum and maximum number of participants you are willing to teach?
2.    How much money do you want to receive per participant? See the SAMPLE $ graph below.
3.    What is the cost of materials?  Will these fees be included in the cost of registration, or added as a separate materials fee?
4.    How much will it cost to market the event?  What is the marketing plan?
5.    What is the price and policy for people who live locally and don’t want the food/lodging of camp, or for those who would rather stay in a hotel verses          the price for those staying at camp?

Sample Budget – We determine the prices with you

Camp services:  food, lodging, registration = $150/person
Artist services:  planning, curriculum, teaching (sample) = $100
Art supplies:  cost of materials for the workshop = $50
Marketing:  cost of designing, printing, distributing = $25
Total Weekend Cost = $325/person

Sharing the Risk

Every venture has an aspect of risk.  If Camp Ocean Pines pays $1,000 to market your event, but the weekend does not attract enough guests, Camp looses our investment of money, staff time and the potential income of renting the facility to another group.  So the marketing risk must be shared – that is the cost for designing, printing and distributing the marketing piece to the target audience.  We together must determine the best marketing method, the cost and determine how to share that cost.

Let’s DO IT! – Taking the Next Steps!

If this makes sense to you and you’d like to move forward, here are the steps we need to take:
1.    Call Luann Jackman for an initial discussion and looking at the calendar (805-927-0254)
2.    Together we determine the weekend cost – set the weekend, onsite & offsite rates, materials fee
3.    Fix the minimum number of participants and the date on which the event is cancelled, if the minimum is not registered
4.    You share: 1) workshop description 2) short bio 3) high resolution pictures
5.    Camp will post the event on our website and in any upcoming camp mailings
6.    Camp determine the marketing plan and get it moving
7.    We “make the list” – determine the target audience and develop a list (your contacts, sympathetic clubs, affiliated organizations, industry publications)
8.    We “work the list” – determining the best methods to get the word out (postcard mailings, brochures, websites, local media, industry publications, etc)
9.    Camp will register guests and inform you how many people are signing up.
10.    Camp will welcome you and the guests at the very first meal – and then turn the weekend over to you!
11.    You will run your own workshop without staff interference (or assistance!)
12.    Camp will do an evaluation at the last meal and let you know the results.
13.    Camp will write you a check.
14.    We sit down with the student evaluations and determine if the event was successful.  If so, we talk about changes/adjustments, then put it the follow up event on the calendar and get the publicity moving.

We are looking for artists to help us start workshops in:

  • storytelling
  • painting
  • drama
  • creative writing